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Beyond excited to announce the first release on our label, "Realize Riddim" out of Father Psalms Studio in Palolo Valley, Hawaii. Produced, arranged, and engineered by Jah Gumby this project showcases 6 cuts of "Realize Riddim". Featuring 4 different singers from across the globe, Roberto Sanchez out of Cantabria Spain, Veteran singer from Jamaica Derrick Parker, then we have Kali Navales and Maryanne Ito, both from Honolulu Hawaii. Also a melodica version by Jah G, and to finish it off a dub cut to totally soak in the riddim.

A side 1. Roberto Sanchez "SO STRONG" 2. Derrick Parker "SWEET LOVING" 3. Jah G "KING & QUEEN"

B side 1. Kali Navales "REALIZE" 2. Maryanne Ito "DOUBLE TALK 3. Jah G "REALIZE DUB"

This project has been years in the making and shows how great things can happen with people coming together with the same love and devotion towards their craft. Jah G has been working overtime to make sure each cut is special in its own right. not to mention doing mix after mix to achieve the records huge sound with insane clarity. Combining analog outboard gear with top of the line DAW equipment Father Psalms Studio is pushing reggae to new heights! By staying true to the traditional feeling and sound of real reggae music with adding modern mixing styles this record will definitely be one for the books!

Big up Miss Lulu for all design and artwork, also huge respect and love to all involved!

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